A Case for First Rate Service

In An Industry Where It’s Rare!

If you were asked put a price on all the time, energy and resources you have invested into making your house your home, could you?

All the time and energy you’ve put into making your house your home has been a tremendous investment. In fact, an investment of this size deserves the greatest respect… the highest level of care.

So why is this level of care so rare to find in the home repair and service industry?

In an industry known for bad service & tricky salesmanship, what if there were One Company Homeowners Could Trust to take care of their home? What if there were a company who’s priority was to Educate You about your home, Instead of Selling to You? What if this company’s services were Guaranteed to be First Rate or you didn’t pay for the repair?

It seems simple enough, but our experience shows us a different reality…

Keeping you home running reliably and safely with low utility bills starts with deep understanding of the electric, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. Typically you would need an entire team of companies to take care of your home. Just thinking about the process of finding the right three to four companies to take care of your home is exhausting. Let’s be honest here…

Who has time to find a team of three to four trustworthy contracting companies?

The mission of First Rate Home Services, Inc. is to be known as the one company you can trust to take care of your home. The company’s father and son owners, Joel & David Robertson, have set out to build the one company you can trust to take care of your home. They proudly guarantee the delivery of first rate service to both you and your home. First Rate Home Services offers the Home Care Club, Springboro Ohio’s only complete home maintenance program in addition to providing 24 hour emergency service with no emergency rates on your home’s electric, plumbing, furnace, and air conditioning.

So, whether you need a home repair, upgrade, or maintenance call First Rate Home Services to schedule: